Our Mission: Integration of state-of-the-art CFD simulation into design & analysis of applications invloving fluid flow & heat transfer
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Established in 2000, InfoMec is a full service solution provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). CFD is routinely used to solve complex flow problems in significant number of disciplines and provides the ability to visualize and understand complicated physical phenomena and the dynamical behavior for systems that are too expensive or difficult to prototype.

We deliver customized and targeted training to clients with diverse background seeking the benefits of CFD for real life engineering applications. Our repertoire of CFD training courses ranges from introductory to advanced presented in both traditional classroom and E-learning (webinar) formats.

We provide knowledgeable and responsive consulting solutions to broad range of industries and applications. With our extensive design and analysis experience and expertise in CFD and heat transfer, we are well positioned to enable our commercial and government clients to deal with complex flow problems and make sense of their complicated physics.
Essentials of Fluid Dynamics for CFD
• Introduction to CFD
• Elements of CFD for Practicing Engineers
• CFD Advanced Topics
• Practice of CFD for Mission Critical Facilities
• CFD use for HVAC Applications
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